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Shakedown: Hawaii's Around the Corner!

Shakedown: Hawaii's now entered its final beta and preview copies have officially gone out to press! Expect to see plenty of brand new footage on YouTube and Twitch -- any moment now.

The goal of the final beta is solely to collect feedback -- to find out which missions players enjoy most and which could use a bit more love, to catch any potential difficulty spikes before launch, and overall, to ensure that you experience the best possible game on day one.

The past few months of polish have been incredibly rewarding. Every week, something's made me say, "WOW! Now THAT changes everything!". Once you have a complete game in front of you, you can make little tweaks that go a long way.

In addition to changes under the hood and tuning missions, the visuals have also received another bump. The majority of the game's cutscenes have been repainted to give them an even higher quality 16-bit look, store signs have been given more personality, and some of the character animations boast even more detail! As for the game world, I've had a blast adding even more secrets... hidden entrances both inside and outside. The destructible environment really adds new depth to the exploration.

This trailer below may look familiar at first glance, but you'll quickly notice the new cutscenes and map screen...

...and although the PS Vita version's already been submitted to manufacturing, it'll receive all of these awesome updates on day one as well.

So What's Next?

After this final beta testing's complete, the game will be submitted to certification for the remaining console platforms, and once approved, will get a solid release date.

Finally, I'm excited to announce that alongside the Nintendo Switch, PS4, PS Vita and Nintendo 3DS versions, Shakedown: Hawaii's PC version will also be launching on the new Epic Store. Stay tuned for more info!

Oh, also...

Oh, and it's also received its official ESRB rating! It's rated T for Teen, as in, "don't worry, you won't need to enter your birthdate to watch the Trailers!". You must also be wondering, what is this "Drug Reference"? Well, it's not what you expect, but these classifications must be thorough! You see, after all of this platforming, the CEO's knee problems have really flared up! So, during his rheumatologist appointment... oh wait, SPOILERS! ;)

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