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Vblank Entertainment's games do not collect personal information from players. You can find more information below.


Digital copies are sold via third party platforms, such PlayStation, Nintendo and Steam.
Vblank does not have access to, or collect personal information from purchases.


If you have created a Vblank Store account, it will contain whatever information you've entered. You can delete your account and all of its information at any time by logging in.

When ordering physical products from the Vblank Store, you will be required to enter your name and address so that the order can be mailed to you. This information will not be sold, and this information will not be used for marketing purposes.

We use Shopify as our store automation platform. As such, order information is stored on Shopify servers.

Orders are mailed via a third party fulfillment company, which will use your name and address to print the shipping label. Customer support may also be handled by a third party company, which may need temporary access to the order information.

Beginning on May 25th, 2018, your order information will be deleted 3 months after the order has been delivered and any customer support communication has been completed. If you would like it deleted sooner, simply email us.


If you've signed up for Product Alerts or Press Releases, we will email you updates about our games and products. Your email address will not be shared or sold.

We use MailChimp as our marketing automation platform. By clicking subscribe, you acknowledge that the information you provide will be transferred to MailChimp for processing in accordance with their Privacy Policy and Terms.

You can unsubscribe at any time by clicking the link at the bottom of our emails, or by emailing us.


Games on select platforms include standard leaderboards, which of course, store your scores paired with a userid.

The score data includes information about how the score was obtained, such as if turbo mode or DX mode were enabled, which control option and camera option were used, and which platform it was obtained on. It may also include Character Creator information, such as the current character's hair style or clothing, to display a unique icon next to the score. Some scores may also contain a watchable replay clip, of for example, the Arcade Challenge that was played to achieve the score.

You may contact us here if you have any questions.

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