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With the exciting PS Vita physical release of Shakedown: Hawaii on the way, many of you have been asking about other platforms...

So, yes, Shakedown: Hawaii will see limited physical editions for PS4 and Nintendo Switch, right from Vblank. You won't need to double dip with digital then physical (unless you want to!), however, the PS4 and Nintendo Switch physical versions won't be available at launch. More info below...


Sony has ended PS Vita cartridge production, so the PS Vita physical edition needed to be manufactured first (before the cut off).

For the other platforms, I'm waiting until after launch so that their discs and cartridges will contain the latest possible version of the game. Of course, all versions continue to get updates, but the more of them that are right on the disc, the better!


Physical manufacturing has a notable lead time, so I estimate PS4 and Nintendo Switch will still be a couple months off. An exact date will be narrowed down as things progress, and updates will be sent out via product alerts. I hope to put together some cool stuff for these physical editions, but those will also take additional time to design and manufacture, and nearly every waking moment of my time the past few years has been spent just building the game itself.

I'm also working on getting new or re-worked cover art put together for Switch, as its specific aspect ratio and top corner logo placement encourages a more creative approach to the artwork design. All of these little things add a little bit more time to production.


Pre-orders for the PS Vita physical edition of Shakedown: Hawaii go live on Friday, May 3rd at 10am Pacific, 1pm Eastern, 6pm UK time.

It's limited to 4,800 units and priced at $29.99 USD.

Shipping costs have been reduced as of this year, and the store now includes a shipping calculator enabling you to select many different delivery methods.

Pre-orders are estimated to begin shipping next week.


Shakedown: Hawaii goes on sale digitally Tuesday, May 7th for PC, PlayStation 4, PS Vita / PS TV, and Nintendo Switch for $19.99 USD. The Nintendo 3DS version will follow, but needs a little bit more time to wrap up.

The PC version is available now for pre-purchase, and you can wish list the Nintendo Switch version on the eShop.

The PlayStation versions are Cross Buy digitally, so you get both PS4 and PS Vita together for one price. They also support Cross Save!

Stay tuned! A new trailer is on the way!

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