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Update Notes

The new v1.1.1 update is now live on PC. This and the previous update from earlier in the week are both coming to console as well, but still being tested to ensure they don't introduce any bugs. Once the testing and certification submissions are complete, they'll be available too.

v1.1.1 (PC) - October 24, 2020

  • Gloves have been added to various shops, so you can now "customize" your character's hands. Check out the mall (second floor) or large department store on the west side of the map (among other places) to grab some.

  • During the "Territory Takeover" shakedown missions, enemies will now more fiercely counter vehicle attacks (level 3 onward). This encourages players to engage in combat and use a more strategic approach.

  • The "Live Broadcast" boss AI has been improved and made slightly more challenging (particularly under normal difficulty). Tweaks were also made to improve the experience under 3X zoomed-in mode.

  • The "Lost Locks" shakedown now lets you clear the security guards by cutting their hair too. This provides players with an alternative approach to get rid of them.

  • Tuned "Ballistic Pick Pocket" Arcade Challenge.

  • Chase missions now better handle players entering vehicles.

  • Adjusted "Live Stream" mission minigame to clarify keyboard controls.

  • Vehicle spawning improvements.

  • Misc. bug fixes.

Thanks so much for playing! I hope these improvements make the game even better for you. If you discover any game bugs or issues, don't hesitate to email support.

For more information on the previous update (v1.1.0), check out this post.

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