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Update Notes

The new v1.1.2 update is now live on PC. This and the previous updates (v1.1.0, v1.1.1) are also headed to consoles, but a specific date isn't yet finalized.

The console updates have taken a bit longer than expected because during the process of testing, I discovered even more areas for improvement. Of course, implementing these improvements added more development time and then required more testing, but it makes for a much better game in the long run (thus why 1.1.2 is coming to consoles now instead of just 1.1.0).

v1.1.2 (PC) - October 31, 2020

  • Added PS5 DualSense controller support for PC.

  • PS4 controllers can now use R2 as an alternate fire button on PC.

  • Added new polished pixel art for the circuit board shakedown minigame.

  • The "daily revenue" icon now shows both corporate and protection revenue, not just corporate.

  • Enemy AI improved in the "Catch a Break" shakedown mission.

  • Enemies in missions "Ceramic Parable" and "Clean Sweep" now attack more aggressively if the player tries to use a vehicle to take them down (when playing under normal difficulty).

  • Fixed a shakedown bug which caused some missions to be stuck in a "Mission Failed" loop.

  • Adjusted the car export garage's max cars per week to 5.

  • Fixed some visual glitches in 1X zoom mode.

  • Fixed a map zoom bug.

  • Misc. optimizations for low end PCs.

  • Misc. minor bug fixes and improvements.

Thanks so much for playing! I hope these improvements make the game even better for you. If you discover any game bugs or issues, don't hesitate to email support.

For more information on the previous updates, check out this post and this post.

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